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This is the place you go to to find out who we are.

I am Daryl Fernquist and I own, manage and run Fern Web Design Services. I have been doing this since 1997 and have had hundreds of clients in that time frame. Most are still with me.

While most web companies are similar for their technological expertise, we present the case that our customers are our number one priority. And we can prove it. Read the testimonial section.

My very first client in 1997 is still with me and many from the earlier days are still here as well, riding the website ups and downs together. I know personally every client and manage and oversee every website or update. While I have team members working on technical aspects of design, layout, marketing, grammar, you only talk and work with me, Daryl Fernquist.

I love working with people, from those who know very little about websites/internet to those who only need to give me directions; and everyone in between. Many of my clients have become friends and have forwarded on their friends to my webdesign/hosting business.

Many contact pages have forms but rather than limit and force someone to fill in all the blanks and perhaps be limited in the form, we don't do that here.

Instead please either call/text or email me. - Daryl · - 604-220-0601