California-based Lacrosse League

Highend statistics package / Backend Management
Western Women's Lacrosse League

Project Info:

The Western Women's Lacrosse League hired Fern Web in the summer of 2012 to design, develop, host and maintain a dynamic statistics-based website. It had to inlcude a shedule, team and player statistics, standings and other dynamic pages for their women's lacrosse league in California.

Each team has their own login where they enter the scores of their games, comments on the game and ratings for the officials. The backend has a complete SQL-driven database for reports on a multitude of information required to monitor the league and its functions.

The site is completely customized to the WWLL's requirements and custom-coded with Cold Fusion, SQL database on a Windows-based server.

  • Created: Fern Web Design Services
  • Maintained: Fern Web Design Services
  • Hosted: Fern Web Design Services
  • Completed: November 2012
  • Skills: HTML / Coldfusion / CSS3
  • Skills: SQL database / backend admin
  • Client: Western Women's Lacrosse