Vernon Legion

Vernon Legion

Project Info:

Vernon Legion contracted with Fern Web to develop a site for them. They had also lost their domain and weren't sure what they had used in the past.

We recaptured the domain name they had lost and restored all the DNS settings as required. We also gave them a new mailserver with all Executive members having an account.

The site was turned up just in time for Remembrance Day 2018.

This site was a "freebie" from Fern Web to the veterans who gave us the life we have now. Without them I don't know where we would be. Thank you to all veterans.

  • Created: Fern Web Design Services
  • Maintained: Fern Web Design Services
  • Hosted: Fern Web Design Services
  • Completed: October, 2018
  • Skills: HTML5 CSS3
  • Skills: Responsive / SSL
  • Client: Vernon Legion