Hyde Creek Construction

Domain and site recovery
Hosting & Maintenance for Hyde Creek Construction Ltd

Project Info:

Hyde Creek Construction had lost their domain and website a few years earlier and didn't pursue getting it back until recently.

Fern Web was able to recover the original URL (hydecreekconstruction.com) and then worked with Hyde Creek to design, implement and host their new site.

Their site is a responsive-designed website showing some of their projects and details of the concept around them.

We also host their site and maintain it for them. While they do their work, we keep their site up to date and running like a clock.

  • Created: Fern Web Design Services
  • Maintained: Fern Web Design Services
  • Hosted: Fern Web Design Services
  • Completed: July 2018
  • Skills: HTML5 / CSS3
  • Skills: Responsive design / SSL
  • Client: Hyde Creek Construction