Food Executives Club of Vancouver

Fern Web Design

Project Info:

Sept 2018 update: We are redeveloping the FECOV site into a responsive website with a complete new redesign. We will also be adding Square as a real-time payment feature for purchases. We will go live by the end of the year.

The needs of the Food Executives Club of Vancouver required a custom solution.

FECOV runs many events during the year. The system we developed allows the members to register themselves and/or guest for the event. Our backend process allows FECOV to manage these events themselves. They can create the events, opening and ending the registration dates. They can continually see the number of people signed up and can end the event at a certain level of sign up.

They can then send invoices out (which are automatically populated from the database) to the members for payment.

  • Created: Fern Web Design Services
  • Maintained: Fern Web Design Services
  • Hosted: Fern Web Design Services
  • Completed: July 2008
  • Skills: HTML / Coldfusion / CSS3
  • Skills: SQL database / backend admin
  • Client: FECOV